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Meet our new Alkimia Herbal salve. A blend of herbal extracts and herbal infused oils. Herbal salve is used to enhance the skin’s epidermis for repair, protect and seal broken skin from further bacteria exposure and moisture.

Depending on a salve formulation, Alkimia has anti-bacterial properties such as Thyme, known to prevent infections. Our herbal salve is not sticky nor waxy. It spreads easily and can cover a wider surface area.

Alkimia herbal salve helps to cleanse underneath and surface of the skin while also supports other herbs to repair skin cells to regenerate tissues.

Note! This herbal salve is not for the weak hearted. You need to standby a pair of linen or cotton hand gloves or socks to prevent from scratching.

Use together with Kalm Herbal oil as a base. Suitable for adults with eczema and psoriasis.


Excluding Sales Tax
    • Scent: Soothing Thyme
    • Use as external topical application only
    • Not recommended for children
    • Available only in 50ml
    • Suitable for eczema & psoriasis
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