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Cayenne Capsules are a great addition to any health and wellness program. These capsules are designed to support healthy blood circulation, as cayenne peppers are a natural vasodilator. The capsaicin in cayenne peppers are known traditionally, to help improve circulation, preventing the risk of cardiovascular issues. Additionally, cayenne, taken along with other herbs, has been known to reduce inflammation, making it a beneficial choice for those with chronic joint pain. Cayenne Capsules are an easy way to get the benefits of cayenne peppers in your daily routine.

Organic Cayenne Capsules, 90

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    • Regarded by professional herbalists as the purest and safest stimulant known. Opens up every tissue in the body to increase blood flow
    • Accelerates oxygenation of cells
    • An equalizer as it balances entire blood circulation and supports other herbs, for both Yin & Yang
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