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Chamomile & Elder Cleansing Oil blended with herbal extracts and essential oils. This is our first gentle cleansing oil which we kept a 'hush-hush'. 


Acts as a double cleanser and also removes waterproof makeup. Infused with chamomile and elder, this is the most gentle oil blend that can also be used as a skin moisturizer, if you are in a hurry or feels lazy.  Traditionally well-known in folklore herbal medicine, chamomile soothes inflammation and irritation  of skin, while elder protects and soothes the surface of the skin. 


The warm honey scent, is a unique blend of strong calming and grounding properties, which reminds you of the ancient times, from Egypt, Middle East and Europe. It nourishes and restore  skin, while at the same time it enhances circulation, encourages skin regeneration, maintain hydration and prevents free radical damage from stress and environmental pollution.


Chamomile & Elder

Excluding Tax
    • Scent: Warm honey
    • Can be use in two ways:
      • as a  double cleanser
      • as a face & body moisturizer
    • Removes waterproof makeup easily
    • May contain herbal residues from extractions
    • For external use only
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Available in two sizes: 15ml and 50ml only
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