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Fatimi Rose essential oil, also known as Divine Perfection, is a bespoke scent created exclusively for our partner, La Maison de Rumi, who will be launching soon. Sought after by kings and queens during the ancient and medieval times.

A luxurious floral oil blend of exotic roses for aromatherapy, meditation  or has diiffuser.  The floral scent  is popular among women for being aphrodisiac. Can be used for men to support in his 'feminine' healing journey, for self-expression.

Also known as the 'Oil of Love' for opening up the 'Heart Chakra', and has a deep psychological effects. It promotes balance, clam for the mind, body and spirit.

Fatimi rose essential oil

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    • Scent: Deep Floral
    • Multiple uses: meditation, nervous tensions, skin & hair
    • Suitable for all skin type
    • For external use only
    • Available only in 50ml


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