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The scent of all time tropical fruit, Mango, is out! 100% natural mouth-watering scent of mango, will keep you coming back for more. We took our time to decide if it's worthy to try it out. No's luxurious.


Formulated with mango and our favourite oils to achieve that light, yet moisturizing feeling as you apply on the skin. Melts and spreads easily. Who knows you might even want to lick your arms due to the scent. 

We are now open for pre-order!

Whipped Mango Body Butter, 4 fl.oz

Tax Included
    • Light body butter that glides smoothly on your skin
    • 100% Eau de Parfum tropical mango scent 
    • No Synthetics, paraffins nor any other harmful chemicals
    • Steroid-free
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