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Kalm Herbal Oil is a combination from Ancient English herbal remedy, for face and body moisturiser that cleanse and detoxify your skin. Known as 'to purge' among our clients, it does the job and takes between one to two weeks. However, this also depends on your body's immunity, nutrition and allergies.


Chickweed known to dispel excessive body heat, cools, soothes and relieves irritation. Contains natural vitamin c.


Nettle known to strengthen natural resistance, supports iron deficiency, and detoxifies the blood. Contains natural chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, histamine and calcium.


Red clover known as a cleansing herb for the lymphatic system and prommotes healthy skin.


Contains thuja and echinacea, which are known to influence tissue degeneration  and itchy skin disorders, etc. 


Made with herbal extracts, it also has an interesting scent that supports nervous tensions. We know how chronic skin issues have negative effects on both mental and physical.

Kalm Herbal Oil

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    • Scent: Refreshing and calming
    • Use as face & body moisturiser
    • For external use only
    • Not recommended for children
    • Available only in 50ml
    • Suitable for chronic skin problems


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